In three years they took in 204 children spread between the orphanage in Kampala and a school for vulnerable children in Mbale.


The Bright Orphan Project was established in 2001 by Ugandan native, Abdallah Walusimbi. Walusinbi, who had grown up an orphan himself, developed the project in an effort to give back to the spirit of his adoptive father. Inspired by the life he was given after his biological parents’ death, Walusinbi started taking children off of the street into his home, providing them with food, clothing, and education. He was a teacher by profession and turned his home into a school to educate the orphans.

In 2004, Walusinbi passed away and the project disintegrated. It wasn’t until 2015 when it was brought to the attention of Walusinbi’s granddaughter, Zahara, that he had left a will asking for her to carry on with the project. Zahara, having just graduated with a communications degree, was pursuing journalism. She brought the will to her brother, Meddy. Together they took on the Bright Orphanroject while maintaining their respective career paths.


In three years, Zahara and Meddy had taken in 204 children between the orphanage in Kampala and a school for vulnerable children in Mbale. Sustaining the project by selling the crops from their garden, their own income, and charitable donations, the two have been able to provide the children with basic food, clothing, and education. As the project grew, Meddy decided that it was time to create a for-profit organization to more sustainably support the project. With a passion and talent for guiding tourists on excursions through the stunning country of Uganda, supported by his tourism degree, Meddy established his own safari and excursion company. Bright Safaris Uganda is devoted to guiding individuals and groups on safe, eco-friendly, once-in-a-lifetime experiences across the many National Parks and Game Reserves that Uganda has to offer. All profits go to funding the Bright Orphan Project.