I have been on Safaris before, and not many compare to this experience. I felt like a kid again, sitting on the roof of the safari car, driving through the stunning grasslands of Murchison Falls, eating Mangos Meddy had brought for us. The combination of the safari, the boat cruise, and the hike made for a truly spectacular day that I would recommend to anyone.
— Natalie T, California, USA
The Safari at Murchison Falls was spectacular, but what’s more was the boat ride up the Nile. All of the sudden the boat turns around a bend and the entire view is massive, daunting, beautiful water falls. Really incredible.
— John L, California, USA
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I chose to participate in the “budget” safari excursion and was shocked at how far from budget it felt. The accommodation, the food, the experience all felt pretty exceptional to me. Worth every penny.
— Ben C, London, England
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If an incredible, affordable, adventure is what you are seeking, Bright Safaris is the way to go. Not to mention the proceeds go to such a great cause!
— Nina Z, New York, USA
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Sipi Falls took my breath away- each of them in their own way. It was amazing to hike through jungle and farm land learning about our surroundings from the knowledgable guides.
— Beth C, Tennessee, USA
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I had an amazing experience on my safari, and would recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested. Meddy mad it an unforgettable trip and I can’t thank him enough!
— Caroline F, North Carolina, USA
Don’t even question it- any excursion with Bright Safaris will be memorable. I look forward to the day that I get to go on another one!
— Johnny R, Washington, USA
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10/10 recommend the white water rafting experience in Jinja- what a blast!
— Danielle F, Georgia, USA
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The coffee tour at Sipi Falls pleasantly surprised me. We were in a local’s home learning from start to finish how to harvest and roast coffee. All of the proceeds go to the widows in the area. The coffee was spectacular- I took four bags home for gifts.
— Jill T, Georgia, USA